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June 09 2014

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November 20 2012

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after a long break.
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July 10 2012

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i'm just high

July 09 2012

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after all nap is necessary.
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I propose a sorbet for dessert. ;)
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can we make a bite?
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and will be the princess with flies in her nose...
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meat on the wall
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hey ho to the lodge!!
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parents' fruit plot
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Come here and pull me out of bed!
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let's do something for your friends
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breakfast of champions with maple syrup
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July 06 2012

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dog delights

July 01 2012

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N & G
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June 11 2012

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and supper with edward northon
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dinner on a fresh air
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June 07 2012

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in a minute ago u done this to me my love.
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in the evening; all i wish is go to bed.
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in the evening; men's things front to tv.
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